Batman Batman Batman lahat na lang si Batman

Hoy gradweyt!  Gusto mo ba makahanap na trabaho agad?

A suggestion being floated about by Quiapo Church rector Msgr. Jose Clemente Ignacio is for prospective jobseekers to have their CVs blessed using holy water.

Jobless now having their resumés blessed by priest
By Jocelyn R. Uy
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 03:42:00 04/05/2011

Filed Under: Employment, Belief (Faith), Churches (organisations), Statistics
MANILA, Philippines—Some people go to a priest to have their new house or car blessed. Others are happy enough if a priest blesses their rosaries.

But Msgr. Jose Clemente Ignacio has found a new breed of supplicants—people desperate for jobs who ask him to bless their resumés.

I managed to discover this thanks to a link provided by Get Real Philippines.  In that site, Webmaster benign0 has this rejoinder regarding his proposal:

Come to Father Benign0 instead, guys and take some advice from me:

Junk Tagalog (not to mention your moronic jejemon-speak) and learn how to speak English the way Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth speak it. Even better, learn to speak it the way Jon Ramon Aboitiz, Jaime Zobel de Ayala, and Edu Manzano do. You’ve got a better shot at learning to do that than making it into the handful of exclusive schools that most employers worth their salt limit their job candidate searches to.

Learn how to write using right grammar and spelling. Employers don’t look for Holy Water stains on a cover letter and resumé. They look at these documents and see a preview of what you might be worth to them. Bad grammar, bad spelling, and bad sentence construction spell only one thing: L-O-S-E-R.

Ask yourself this simple question: How serious am I about pursuing my dream job? If your answer is Very serious! then ask yourself these follow-up questions:


(a) What am I doing spending my leisure time watching shows like Willing Willie and these teleseryes and telenovelas?

(b) How different am I from the ten thousand-odd other schmoes out there I am competing with for this job?

(c) Why would the guy conducting the next interview I am going to hire me?

If the questions itemised in points (a), (b), and (c) are all new to you, dude, that’s a sign that you haven’t really been serious at all about getting yourself that dream job. You need to get off your arse (or your knees, as the case may be) and engage in some real market-value-adding stuff. Get out there and take charge of your life.
(click here for complete article)

Which brings to mind a similar article posted by Lea Salonga in her blog, which she granted reprint permission to

(click on panel to access original article)

Making it all the more relevant is the time the first article came out, right at the beginning of the job-hunting season, when millions of young, hungry graduates hit the sun-baked streets of Manila.  In a week or two, Holy Week shall be upon us, so that means – to many Roman Catholics out there – magpapahabaan talaga ng mukha, lalo na pagdating ng Biyernes Santo.

Me napang-uso na pa ng salita “Bahala na si Batman” para iparating ang pagiging masyadong tayo pinababayaan nating lahat sa Diyos pagdating sa mga suliraning malubha.  At bakit naman – ganyan ba talaga mga Pinoy na kadalasan di naman handa pagdating sa mga kalamidad katulad ng bagyo, lindol o tsunami?

Di na nga nakakatawa.  Kung ang Diyos ay magtitingin siya sa ating bansa mula sa kalangitan, baka hirit pa niya “ANONG PAKIALAM KO NA SA INYONG LAHAT?  GAMITIN MO NAMAN ANG UTAK NA BINIGAY KO SA INYO AT MAG-ISIP NAMAN KAYO, MGA KUMAG!!!”  It’s already bad enough that our Roman Catholic Church here keeps on campaigning against the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill, that same Church has yet to stand up against the unabashed exploitation of children by their own parents.   The fact that so many youths in this country lack access to means for bettering themselves enables them to be easy prey to mass-media con artists who dazzle them with money and prime-time dole-outs, it is singularly insulting that the Church would offer to “bless” one’s resume to ensure better chances of landing a job.  What next, lotto tickets?

Ha ha ha fucking ha.

Bahala na si Batman?  Kaya na nga lumipat si Robin mula Gotham City papuntang Blüdhaven.  Para ipakita kay Batman na kaya niya makatayo sa kanyang sarili.

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