A shocking thought to ponder upon this Father’s Day

Parents order their own kids to perform cybersex for money |  The Feed |  SPOT.ph.

Can one wonder if there would be parents that callous and uncaring so as to ruin the very dignity of parenthood in this manner?

Sabihin man naman na kailangan silang mag-hanapbuhay, pero huwag naman bababuyin ang inyong kinasapupunang musmos ninyo.  Ang magulang pa – nakakahiya talaga.

Yet another argument for legalizing divorce in this country – if my better half would suggest subjecting our kids to this kind of  “business” for money’s sake, I’d have her considered “mentally incapacitated” and file annulment proceedings.

Haven’t we learned our lesson from Jan-Jan yet?

There are fathers who take their kids out to ball games.  Others take time out to teach their sons important life skills like hunting or driving;  some even become head cheerleaders in their daughters’ volleyball or soccer games.

They should never EVER use video cameras to capture their own kids doing immoral acts for paying online audiences worldwide.  That simply isn’t FUCKING right.

Mag-iwan ng puna

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