Daddy cool….

Dedicated to the memory of Jose A. Mossesgeld (May 7, 1924-Nov. 11, 1985)

Aaminin ko, malaki ang butas ang iniwan sa akin sa pagpapanaw ni Tatay…kung nakabuhay pa siya na konting tagalan pa, baka nakatututo na nga ako magmamaneho’t magliligaw.

Parang paggalang sa kanya, nandito ang isang munting listahan ng mga iba’t ibang ulirang ama na medyong me kasikatan sa iba’t ibang larangan.

Placebo – “Daddy Cool” (Boney M original)

Nandito ang mga “Super 8” ng mga “Daddy Cool”

  1.  Joey “Pepe” Smith
    Masasabi mo na kahit lolo na nga siya, pero di ito nakikipagtigil sa pagiging minsang ligawin at lapitin sa mga tsiks.

    Joey and his offspring, trailer for GMA NewsTV’s reality show “The Smiths”
    Super-laid back ang dating, pero may dating naman. Hataw, lolo, hataw….
  2. Dolphy
    Ang “King of Comedy” na sa sobrang karamihan mga anak sa iba’t ibang babae, kaya pa naman niyang buhayin’t arugain na lahat-lahat kahit iba’t iba ang naging layaw nila.  Mabuti naman lumalapit ang panahon para magkasal sila ni Zsa-Zsa Padilla, para madagdagan pa siya ng isang pa rin (si Karylle ni Zsa-Zsa) sa kanyang talentadong angkan.
  3. Samuel L. Jackson
    When you find yourself in a schoolyard fight and find yourselves cornered by bullies, just tell them that your dad’s Samuel L. Jackson.  That’s guaranteed to stop any ensuing school fights – just imagine the man who shouted down at “muthafuckin’ snakes” on a “muthafuckin’ plane” getting mediaeval on the asses of the bullies’ parents.
  4. Atom Henares
    He may have lost Dra. Vicki Belo to the younger Hayden Kho, but the founder of the late, lamented NU107 should be lauded for his efforts not just in getting Pinoys into rock in a scale not seen since Ramon Jacinto’s heyday, but also for bringing forth talented offspring, particularly filmmaker/musician Quark Henares.  All this and not a tinge of unnecessary drama.
  5. Hugh Hefner
    The manse.

    The Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, CA

    The ladies.

    Hef. Still THE MAN.

    The parties.  ‘Nuff said.

  6. Jack Nicholson
    Having a dad like Jack should be a walk in the park…that is, the park being Central Park in New York.  A walk in the park interspersed with random observations on the “birds and the bees” delivered in the signature Jack Nicholson manner.  Now that’s a classic win-win situation, he gets his flirt on, you get your sex education.  Lest we forget – lifetime ringside seats to Lakers games?
  7. Carlos Celdran
    Another super-laid-back fella whose humourous, if attention-getting, advocacies never fail to grab the attention of young and old alike.  He is the kind of guy who will share with you some hot, tasty gossip about Rizal’s Parisian romps over coffee (barako siyempre!!!).  You can never fail if he supports your view – who knows, he might go on the streets in a priest’s cassock handing out condoms like New Orleans Mardi Gras beads.
  8. Johnny Depp
    Wonder how things run in La Maison Depp – kooky madeimoiselle Vanessa Paradis hovering about little Melody and Jack like Nanny McPhee’s younger, hotter versh?

    The family that flies together stays together

    Nevertheless, there is one dad who can definitely spin lots of out-of-this-effin-world bedtime stories to keep them tucked in at night – even thru iPad from a shoot halfway around the world.

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