Nice going, Noynoy….

In barely two years, you have made yourself the distinction…of being among the WORLD’S WORST LEADERS in a list hosted by Rankopedia:

Noynoy practically overtakes the likes of Kim Jong-Il and Saddam Hussein in a list which also includes his own mother Corazon C. Aquino at 5th place, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo at 21st and Ferdinand E. Marcos at 23rd.

What?  No mention of Idi Amin in this distinctive list which includes such monsters as Adolf Hitler, Kim Jong-Il and even Nicolae Ceausescu?

How about Joseph Estrada?

Not to be outdone, George W. Bush closely tails PeNOY in this poll at 3rd, while current US prez Barack Obama is at 14th.

It’s still up in the air if Rankopedia can be cited for its credibility, but the passion of some of the posters are ample proof of many Filipinos’ growing dissatisfaction with the Aquino presidency redux.

noynoy is lazy, incompetent and irresponsible. I’m proud to say I did not vote for him – philipco

Noynoy 2nd?, Cory 5th? and Gloria arroyo and ferdinand Marcos which are corrupt are lower? sino sa tingin nyo ang nagsisinungaling ha? whom do you think are lying is the best or the worst I’m confused? buti nga may kalayaan ngayon na makapagsalita ng boto at iyon ay dahil kay cory!!!!!!!!! anong ipinaparating mo? ang taong nag balik ng demokrasya para ikaw ay makaboto dito ay parang siya pa ang lumabas na masama. We are treating Cory and Ninoy as heroes but you are just making them down? WALA KANG UTANG NA LOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!gggrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – mike211423

Noynoy Aquino’s political party reeks of mudslinging at otherwise more competent candidates so he could win obviously for their selfish and/or ignorant reasons. then he turned out to be the most incompetent Philippine president ever and it so blatantly exposed causing the lives of innocent HK tourists due to his utter indecision as leader, his political slogan also reeks of odious hypocrisy even blasphemously using the name “lord” in a mispelled manner, and claims incorruptibility yet he acted like a puppet of greedy oligarch interests while some of his equally incompetent staffs even exhibit – artcomet

How I’d wish that Aquino and his staff maturely acknowledge the fact that all’s not well in Yellow-land.  Ditch the cute catch-phrases and break some skulls if needed to get your message that your presidency is a no-nonsense one.

Breaking skulls may not earn you brownie points, but it should get you respect in the global community.


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