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A shocking thought to ponder upon this Father’s Day

Parents order their own kids to perform cybersex for money |  The Feed |  SPOT.ph.

Can one wonder if there would be parents that callous and uncaring so as to ruin the very dignity of parenthood in this manner? Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

Mag-iwan ng puna

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Parang kahapon lang…

Habang tuloy tayo’t husgahan si Willie Revillame sa korte ng social media – emphasis on the “social” as in “sosyal” – parang nakakalimutan natin ang kaso naman ni Kris Aquino na palaging binibitbit niya ang kanyang anak na si “Baby” James Yap Jr.

Baby James campaigns for “Villar”

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

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Does Filipino Society Treat Children Poorly?

In the aftermath of the child-abuse scandal that has recently rocked Philippine prime-time TV, I just need to share this meaningful post that has managed to encapsule best the factors which have led to that fateful telecast last March 12.

Originally posted by ChinoF at Get Real Philippines, April 3, 2011

Many were outraged when Willie Revillame goaded a child named Jan-Jan to dance in a macho dancer style. Even while he was already crying, he was still goaded to dance. Needless to say, it already caused a Net Rage and it revived initiatives to permanently censure the long-notorious Revillame, who had smears on his name after the MTB incident and the Wowowee stampede, plus more. Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

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Paano ba iliksyon ang isang napakatigas na ulo….


Ayun naman sa isa kong kaibigan sa Facebook, Willie R-EvilLame.  ‘Di lang evil, lame pa!!!

Kita mo naman ang track record na damuhong ito:

February 4, 2006 – doon mismo sa ULTRA gumanap ang “Wowowee Stampede” na naging sanhi ang pagpapabuwis na buhay na humugit-kumulang na 71 na tao habang 1,125 ang nasaktan. Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

Mag-iwan ng puna

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