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Monique Wilson, making sense

Don’t dumb down viewers, TV urged – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos.

Respected theater actress Monique Wilson sounds off with regards to the ongoing scandal involving Willie Revillame.  In her Facebook post dated March 30, 2011, Ms. Wilson has labeled Willie as “a callous, insensitive individual who preys on the needs of poor, uneducated Filipinos” and criticized local television content for “news reports that are horrifyingly biased and sensationalist…noon-time variety shows that exploit women and insult our intelligence…(and) talk shows that are intrusive, subjective and tasteless”  She suggests that TV, as an instrument of mass media, be able to EDUCATE, EMPOWER, INSPIRE (and) AWAKEN (emphasis hers) the masses it caters to.


Monique Wilson

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


Mag-iwan ng puna

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